The landlord may be an individual who owns one unit in a strata-titled block or alternatively a major developer or investor who owns the entire development.

Landlord's Provisions

Items provided by the landlord free-of-charge such as acoustic ceiling tiles, florescent light boxes, A/C fan coil units, carpet etc.

Legal Fees

Common practice dictates that a landlord will instruct and pay his solicitor for drafting a lease and sale contract whilst a tenant or purchaser will pay his own solicitor.

Lettable Area

Lettable Area of whole floor shall include toilets and lift lobbies but exclude common areas such as lift shafts, stairs, plant rooms and smoke lobbies.

License Period

A period of right to occuping the property. Rent becomes payable after the License or/and rent free period. The tenant may move in before the commencement date if he has a rent-free licence period or later if he carries out his own renovation or decoration works. License Period doesn't need to court in stamp duty in Hong Kong, therefore some landlord will provide License period instead of Rent-free period due to confidenial of rental.